My wife can attest that I like Nice Things™. I really prefer to purchase something that is quality, well made, well designed and, more often than not, long lasting(except cameras, I go through those too fast as my wife can also attest to). To that end I saw a review of a Harry Benz camera strap over on Japan Camera Hunter and decided on the spot that I had to get one for my Leica M6.

After going over the options on Harry's site I decided to go with The B - Extended because I prefer to carry my camera slung across my body and I find a longer strap is better for this. Being able to custom pick my length was perfect, I measured my favorite strap and then added 5cm more since I wanted it just a bit longer. 

First thing you see when you pull the box out of the packaging is the beautifully stamped and hand written lid. First off Harry, or whoever writes these, has awesome hand writing. It's such a wonderful, personal touch, it just oozes quality and I haven't even opened it yet! If you want to see the love put into each box check out the video of the making of an Urushi box on the site.

Opening the box you see a folded paper with the Harry Benz logo. Folding that open reveals the strap neatly rolled up.

There is a very nicely detailed plate on the centre of the strap again with Harry Benz name and the Hand ! Crafted trade mark. The strap feels beautiful in the hand, the leather is soft and supple. The leather is actually water buffalo leather because it is stronger and tear resistant yet flexible and smooth, as noted on his Philosophy page. The strap is the perfect length, of course due to the fact that I chose the length and feels fantastic on the body. I almost don't notice it on my shoulder due in part from the flat design that helps to spread out the load. 

I didn't get any pictures of the connection rings but the strap design is such that the metal rings will never come into contact with the body, ensuring it won't be scratched. Just another sign that the quality is here, the details are here and this is truly a strap that will last forever and look damn good the whole time. I got it in classic brown but you can get this design in black as well. I also really like the Urushi straps and I think I'm going to have to order one for my Leica as this one has gotten onto my new Fuji X-T1 and I don't think it's coming off. However I'd better get my order in soon because Harry is going to be busy once word gets out about these products!

Now I'm going to follow Harry's advice and go take some photos.